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Booking System Parameters

We should like to thank all who attended the booking system informative evening on Monday. There were around 100 members in attendance where the new booking parameters were presented and then slightly modified.

Next stages-

There will be an email to the membership on Friday asking you to register for the online part of the booking system. The step by step directions on how to do this are on the club website but if anyone has any difficulty with this then contact David or Alan or attend one of the training sessions below.

Training sessions in the lounge-

  • Tuesday the 21st of March 1100-1400
  • Wednesday the 22nd of March 1100-1400
  • Thursday the 23rd of March 1100-1400
  • Saturday the 25th of March 1400-1600

Registration Guidelines- Click here

The PDF that will pop up will guide you through the registration process. Once you have completed this, we will activate you account which will allow you to book online. If you are not wanting to book online you don't need to do this step.

The system allows you to book 8 days in advance from 0700 in the morning. The sheet will go live on Monday the 3rd of April to allow you to book for Tuesday the 11th of April. Bookings can be made through the BRS system online, on the touch screen and at the Pro-Shop in person or via the telephone.

Booking parameters- 

Below are the initial parameters that will be introduced. We would ask that when you are booking a time that you either input or tell the proshop all the players that are playing. This will help us record individual player playing traits, be able to pin point where players are on the course in case of an emergency and record tee sheet utilization. Conversely, we would ask that all individuals remove their names from the booking if they know that they are not going to be playing.

It is in the interests of all players to self police their bookings to help avoid unused tee times. All no shows will be recorded with repeat offenders being spoken to.

  • Bookings can be made 8 days in advance from 0700 in the morning- This will allow you to advance book and self police any changes that need to be made to your booking well in advance.
  • The first bookable tee time will be 0730 and subsequent times will be at 9 minute intervals. The first tee time available will move to later times as light dictates. 
  • A 15 minute buffer is required before the first tee time. This is to allow a clear path for the individuals that have officially booked a tee time.
  • Club ties are bookable 14 days in advance.
  • Members may book two tee times per day. This means that you can book for yourself and 7 other members or a mixture of members and guests. If you are booking online then you book your first time then go back into the system and book your second time with a new lead player. If booking over the phone or in person the two tee times can be booked at once. Each member's guest after the usually allowed three will be charged at £15pp.
  • Members may still advance book their member's day at £15pp. 
  • When booking, we request that all members' names are recorded into the system as we need to know who is on the golf course. Each individual will then get an email notifying them of the time that they are booked to play at. If names are not known at the time of booking then please advice before commencement of play.
  • We will be reserving times for members only. These times will be 0730-0930 Monday-Friday, all day Saturday and 0730-1000 on Sunday. We will also look at reserving member only times for Wednesday flyers and any other times that become apparent.
  • Casual visitors may book 5 days in advance.
  • Societies will be booked in advance but outwith the member's protected times.
  • These initial booking parameters will be reviewed after three months.

If you require any further information then please call David Alan or email