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Hole One

White 390 Yrds
Yellow 381 Yrds
Red 375 Yrds

A tough opening hole playing slightly uphill from the tee. Good tee shots will leave an opportunity to reach the small well-guarded two tiered green in regulation.


  • View from fairway towards green
  • View of Green
  • View from fairway towards green
  • View of Green

Hole Two

White 274 Yrds
Yellow 261 Yrds
Red 230 Yrds

A risk reward short par four. Longer hitters will have the opportunity to go for the green with their tee shots, but trees, sand and long grass await the errant shot.

  • Fairway view
  • Greenside Bunker
  • Fairway view
  • Greenside Bunker

Hole Three

White 407 Yrds
Yellow 398 Yrds
Red 347 Yrds

Demanding par four with a blind/ semi blind tee shot to a downhill fairway. A tricky second shot awaits to a green with a narrow entrance and out of bounds lurking just to the right of the green.

Hole Four

White 471 Yrds
Yellow 462 Yrds
Red 455 Yrds

Short par 5 by modern standards but out of bounds runs the entire left hand side of the hole. A great birdie opportunity awaits for those who can keep it straight and true, towards the large double green.

Hole Five

White 180 Yrds
Yellow 173 Yrds
Red 165 Yrds

A tough par 3 to a wide, but shallow green guarded by two deep bunkers left and right and drop off areas to the sides and rear. Par is a good score here.

Hole Six

White 429 Yrds
Yellow 420 Yrds
Red 412 Yrds

Long par four to a reasonably generous fairway guarded by out of bounds to the left. Second shot plays dramatically downhill to a smallish green guarded by a couple of well positioned bunkers and a swale at the front.

Hole Seven

White 448 Yrds
Yellow 437 Yrds
Red 417 Yrds

Demanding long par 4 played from an elevated tee to a sweeping fairway. Out of bounds lurks on the right from the tee and bunkers await for the longer tee shot down the right. A long and straight long iron or fairway wood is often required to reach the narrow entrance to the green.

Hole Eight

White 407 Yrds
Yellow 397 Yrds
Red 387 Yrds

A difficult tee shot with out of bounds on the right and trees on the left. If the tee shot is successful then an uphill second shot awaits. The green has been levelled recently and is guarded by deep bunkers to either side.

Hole Nine

White 143 Yrds
Yellow 133 Yrds
Red 122 Yrds

Mid length par three heavily guarded by some deep bunkers. A good tee shot to the middle of the green will leave a good opportunity of finishing the front nine with a birdie.

Hole Ten

White 440 Yrds
Yellow 430 Yrds
Red 422 Yrds

Possibly the hardest hole at Turnhouse. An uphill par four with trouble all the way up the left. The second shot is played blind to a green which gathers the ball from the left, if you narrowly avoid the gorse that is nearby.

Hole Eleven

White 107 Yrds
Yellow 100 Yrds
Red 92 Yrds

The shortest hole at Turnhouse at a mere 107 yds. However the sloping green from back to front makes putting tricky. A good birdie opportunity however.

Hole Twelve

White 446 Yrds
Yellow 435 Yrds
Red 429 Yrds

The last hole of the demanding middle stretch at Turnhouse. A par four of nearly 450 yards requires a strong tee shot to a sloping fairway, and then a tricky second shot to our double green.

Hole Thirteen

White 332 Yrds
Yellow 328 Yrds
Red 293 Yrds

A shortish par four with a good opportunity to make a birdie. Out of bound runs all the way up the left, with a large two tiered green awaiting at the end. The green is in a very picturesque setting with colourful trees and shrubs banking the green.

Hole Fourteen

White 390 Yrds
Yellow 381 Yrds
Red 375 Yrds

Lovely dog leg left par four with out of bounds hugging the left hand side. Well struck tee shots can reach the top of the swale, leaving a mid to short iron to a rebuilt two tiered green guarded by three bunkers.

Hole Fifteen

White 159 Yrds
Yellow 149 Yrds
Red 141 Yrds

Another mid length par three playing slightly uphill to a long green surrounded by some deep greenside bunkers. The tee shot is sheltered with the green being open making club selection difficult.

Hole Sixteen

White 339 Yrds
Yellow 328 Yrds
Red 322 Yrds

Shortish par four offering a great opportunity for a late birdie in the round. Strong tee shots offer a short pitch into a large reasonably flat green.

Hole Seventeen

White 248 Yrds
Yellow 243 Yrds
Red 238 Yrds

Demanding par three which plays blind to a long narrow green guarded by two small bunkers. Par here is a great score.

Hole Eighteen

White 480 Yrds
Yellow 479 Yrds
Red 392 Yrds

A par five to finish offering a chance to finish your round with a birdie or even an eagle. The green is reachable in two for the longer hitters however the green is guarded by two deep bunkers and out of bounds await for the pulled approach shot.

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